creative Consulting + collaborations

banner art installation project

Writer ⋅ Banner Art Installation Project with The Women’s Center + Hite Art Institute ⋅ 2018

  • Create text for multi-disciplinary and purpose-driven collaborative project
  • Promote diversity, resources, and programs at the University of Louisville

 #KnowMoore cultural dialoguers

Creative Consultant ⋅ #KnowMoore Cultural Dialoguers ⋅ 2018 

  • Collaborate with artists, teachers, and social justice activists for JCPS Storytelling Project
  • Engage with and serve as a resource for students of Moore HS on their creative projects

Community Literacy initiatives

 the poetry derby 

Instructor. Student Workshop ⋅ 2020

  • Invited by Kristi Maxwell and the Creative Writing Department at the University of Louisville.
  • Facilitated two one-hour generative writing sessions with students of Aletha Fields at Iroquois HS.

LLa webinar “Embracing multitudes” on imagination and imagery in poetry

LLA “in other words” poetry workshop, reading + Exhibit 

Facilitator. “In Other Words” Louisville Literary Arts Free Community Workshop ⋅ 2019

 night of poetry + art

Producer + Curator.Kleinhelter Gallery Invitational ⋅ 2019

  • Partnered with local art gallery to host a public reading for local writers and artists
  • Bring attention to the poetic form and the art gallery after its grand re-opening

river city revue

Founder, Producer, + Curator. Reading Series ⋅ 2016-Present

  • Oversee all event planning, scheduling, and networking of the series
  • Pursue interactive community partnerships (LGBTQ+ Groups, Young Authors Greenhouse)

River City Revue started as a free monthly reading series at The Bard’s Town featuring established and emerging poets and musicians. To facilitate more community-building, RCR now features as pop-up events at various places throughout the Louisville area.

River City Revue as a reading series has received recognition in Insider Louisville,, WFPL News, 91.9 WFPK Radio, and at Louisville Literary Arts Writer’s Block Festival. In this leadership role, I actively pursue interactive community partnerships that have led to directing and coordinating workshops designed to reach and serve marginalized and underrepresented voices of Louisville.



Spalding university mfa 

writing + art

Reverse-Ekphrasis w/ Aaron Lubrik’s Advanced Painting Course

kelli gard

“Tell me about your mother”

Rock pushes against my back as I lie at the bottom of the creek. Submerged underwater, my hair above me. Cloud-line. 

I part the stream like curtains to find a layer of glass. I see her standing by open French doors with her back to me,

arms wide against hard wind and dark green sky.

I want to strike the glass / to feel something break. I want to cut open my shut mouth & / scream at her to turn back around.

I watch the sky chew the ocean / as sand digs into my bare legs a protest— / 

& I’m always here on the gulf of the storm, confronting the sky.

harley hemming

“tell me about your face”

I think the moon is lying to me.

She is all purple honey and sweet tea as I pick bugs from my mattress.

My face hides behind kudzu southern gothic—

Cars on stilts, I can feel bones crack. Something grows inside of me.

My body, a love letter folding into origami. Paper birds dissolve into sky.

kckenna newman

“Venus in retrograde”

On the outer edge of Venus in retrograde, the moon tells me—It’s a time to shed.

A snake about to shed its skin is known as being in the blue.

Scales become dull, eyes cloudy. And because they cannot see well, there’s an increase in nervous behavior.

A snake sloughs its body, including eye caps, all at once.

However, sometimes the blues stay, and the shedding is incomplete.

When I Google this phenomenon,  the internet tells me it’s from poor husbandry. From trauma. 

Quote: Trauma, and too much handling, can result in your snake not properly shedding.

Whole shedding should always include the eye(s)

The moon tells me: We do not have to limit our becoming.

The sky shifts, and I return to reading Sappho – fragments of a self, sewn between brackets.

The moon uncovers her veil from my view, and I extend my silences 

not silences at all,

[           ] pieces

of my own shedding.