writing center + Tutoring experience

University writing center 

Consultant. University of Louisville Writing Center ⋅ 2016-2017

  • Support students and staff at all levels of the university with any stage of the drafting process
  • Assess points of struggle and discuss the specific tools to achieve individual writing goals 

cv workshop for international graduate students

Consultant. University of Louisville Writing Center ⋅ 2016

  • Advise one-on-one writing appointments with international graduate students to work on their curriculum vitae
  • Present information on academic genre conventions

sarabande writing labs

Writing Mentor. Sarabande Writing Labs ⋅ Sarabande Books ⋅ 2015

  • Collaborate one-on-one with women in Hotel Louisville’s recovery program with their writing projects
  • Provide compassionate and encouraging feedback of creative writing

“Sarabande Writing Labs has partnered with organizations serving people living with displacement, homelessness, addiction, disability, and mental illness as well as survivors of domestic abuse and at-risk youth. Thanks to the generosity of the Louisville Metro Government and Fund for the Arts, The Arthur K. Smith Foundation, The Hazel and Walter T. Bales Foundation, and dozens of individual donors, writers, teachers, and volunteers, Sarabande Writing Labs extends a platform to the city’s most vulnerable and traditionally silenced individuals.”

Sarabande Writing Labs


 LGBTQ+ Creative writing group

Facilitator. University of Louisville LGBTQ+ Creative Writing Group ⋅ 2018-2019

  • Foster a writing community and lead workshop discussion for monthly meetings
  • Coordinate events with University Writing Center, LGBT Center, and the Speed Art Museum

In my role with the LGBTQ Creative Writing Group at the University of Louisville, I regularly networked with students, faculty, and various administrative partners to present workshops, open mics, and readings. During Pride Week 2018, I coordinated with the LGBT Center, University Writing Center, and the Speed Art Museum to host the Queer Writers Showcase. Spring 2019, one of my English 102 students organized a public reading for the Bayard Rustin LGBT and Social Justice Themed Living Community. In support of their effort, I coordinated a series of workshops to prepare for the event. I invited six colleagues with workshop-leading experience from multiple University disciplines (Women and Gender Studies, Creative Writing, Humanities, and Rhetoric and Composition Studies). This work demonstrates my support of student leadership, my belief in the importance of cross-disciplinary efforts, and my ability to network, promote, and engage students as well as faculty and staff.